Reverie at Bennys Place

When All Is Said and Done

Crossroads of life.

Standing calmly at the crossroads with no desire to run. There is no hurry any more when all is said and done.

What is truly important? Deep inside, all of us must feel that beyond our material possessions, there is something more that brings true happiness. In my dreams I see the world unfold in quite a different way than how it is presented today.

It is easy to lose our way and when all is said and done, all that matters is finding the path that brings hope, kindness and love to all. The scenes I see unfold on the television can easily bring about a loss of hope to the point where tuning it out seems to be the only option resulting in a plague of apathy. I strive daily to find examples of compassion and kindness and I find myself disappointed more often than not. Despite wading through all that is wrong with mankind, it only takes one moment of unsolicited goodness to restore my faith.

I am not alone in my over appreciation of discovering kindness. Would you like to perform an interesting experiment in human behavior? Perform random acts of kindness and study the reactions of those you help. The other day, when at the doctor’s office, a mother was balancing her sick child and paperwork she was filling out. Two hands proved ineffective for baby and papers and the papers fell to the floor. Attempting to position her child in a way that would allow picking up the papers, I approached her, picked up the papers, gave her a smile, said hi to the child and went back to my seat. When thanking me, it was the type of ‘thank you’ that said, not many people would care enough to do that. In fact, others sitting around the woman simply stared as she struggled.

I do not want to live my life disconnected from those around me. I confess I do not always hold this same disposition and if I were in a hurry and were to walk by this woman, it is possible I would not have stopped. Not stopping would have upset me for the rest of the day however. When standing at the crossroads, there should not be any hurry to chase an itinerary and be consumed by self. Imagine how the world would be if instead when standing there we did so calmly with no desire ahead of us apart from immersing ourselves in the moment no matter what that may be. Perhaps we could offer another directions, a shoulder or an ear. What of the beauty around us? How often do we carry on not appreciating the beauty of the world — trees, a breeze, flowers, animals, birds, fragrances?

May the scenes of the world unfold a bit differently for you today. Let us cherish and hold onto one another and embrace all that is good in the world. We can perpetuate this and perhaps lessen some suffering and celebrate the good that has begun. It is something we an all take pride in . . . . when all is said and done.

Imagine if THIS was a headline:

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