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More Than Just a Slice of Pizza

This is a framed photo hanging in the restaurant. I looked up the name Pizzicheria De Miccoli in Google and it is a real shop in Siena. Here is the information Google gives: Richly scented, de Miccoli has windows festooned with sausages, piled-up cheeses and porcini mushrooms by the sackful. Sounds wonderful! I would like to thank Jason for letting me use his photo for this blog post. Please visit his site to view this and several other wonderful photos by this gifted photographer.

To fully enjoy this article, I recommend listening to this track by Santo & Johnny while you read:

Eleven o’clock roles around and it is time to start thinking of lunch. Like most office employees, the need to exit the office and take in some outdoor air is compelling. The sounds of clicking keys, the drone of the air conditioner and the phone ringing are replaced by the healing sounds of birds singing and leaves rustling in the wind. The harsh fluorescent lighting is left behind for sunshine and blue skies.

Most days, I enjoy taking a walk to my favorite bench, closing my eyes and immersing myself in the natural sounds around me. I bring my Nook and for the next hour I enjoy peace and quiet. Other days, I take off with some friends for a bite to eat. Fast food restaurants were the norm until we discovered a charming pizzeria near the local mall.

The name is Street Legal Pizza and the reputation of the delectable slices of pie preceded the best part of eating at this restaurant. When you walk in, you are greeted by what I would consider Italian music standards. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or perhaps a bit of opera sets the mood almost instantly. The pizzas are being prepared fresh and as the dough is thrown into the air, the aroma of fresh cooked cheese and pepperoni entices the senses. I tend to order the two slices of pepperoni lunch special. These are huge slices with ample pepperoni and every bite is euphoria to the taste buds. To drink, I enjoy the Italian Ice Tea which is made of ginger ale and fresh mint leaves. This provides the perfect tonic to wash down the pizza.

The restaurant is small but cozy and the decor consists of all things Italian and vintage Americana. I love the vintage bike that sits proudly above the oven and the collection of football (soccer) jerseys representing the greatest local teams of Italy. The jukebox that is immediately to your right when you walk in still works. Recently we asked about this beautiful machine and we enjoyed the story of how this sat in the owner’s house as he grew up. When adding a few quarters for tracks such as Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny or some Johnny Cash, the normal music is turned off so we can enjoy a custom soundtrack while we eat.

I am proud to say we escape to Street Legal Pizza an average of three days a week. For sixty minutes out of our day, we are no longer tech support reps but visitors to a New York Italian ristorante. The attention to detail provided by the owners really does make Street Legal more than a place for a slice of pizza.

A small photo gallery of this wonderful restaurant:

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4 thoughts on “More Than Just a Slice of Pizza

  1. Benny Post author

    Hey there Jared! This is such good pizza and when playing this track on the jukebox, it is a great escape.

    Take care and all the best,

  2. Alfonso D

    Can’t say I share the experience. Have had their pizza a few times and found it ok but not better than others in the area. Also the owner is a real “piece”

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