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Hopelessness of the Positive Person


Somewhere, there is a version of humanity that has managed to transcend their repetitive history. Perhaps not. I can hear the mocking voices of those past and present singing their songs of animosity. Songs carried on the breeze like a feather but with the weight and ferocity of a thirty-ton mortar shell. Thus, begins a story of peculiar contradiction – hopelessness of the positive person.


Breeding Antipathy

With every blink of my eyes, the imagery flashes with a steady drum beat shaking the foundation of my existence. Social media, news channels encompassing local, national and world stories and newspapers: They are the masters of this relentless slideshow. In the end, the tirade has proven successful. Lines have been drawn. One hates another as these media outlets (from both sides) successfully play upon prejudices, ignorance and fears. What is being presented will be taken at face value and consumed as pure fact. The belief systems have been successfully incubated and nurtured. Seemingly nothing will sway the minds of either side and the proverbial battle lines have been successfully drawn. Like a vice, antipathy has taken hold and the human soul is being held captive. The following images that will never escape me are the result:

Teens taunt drowning man – filming his death and laughing as they create a YouTube video commemorating the whole event

Three-year-old toddler in immigration court.

Another senseless mass shooting

Man sucker-punched in Bronx street; Passersby raid his pockets

Blink, blink, blink

I want to dream of something different and plead with my brain to conjure up a new set of imagery. Of course I don’t wish to pretend these things do not exist but I merely want to seek out some light to balance the incredible dark. This is a must for sanity’s sake.

Connected Together

The Light Migration

I want to tell you, the next person I see how wonderful you are. I don’t know you, but for this brief moment, we share the same space. For this brief moment I can reach out to you, acknowledge your existence and make you feel valued as a human being – because you are.

I wish nothing in return except for you to do the same for another. Should the momentum last, we have the power to create an amazing amount of love.

Kindness spreads and spreads

Differences are embraced

The media conglomerates cease to exist because there is no more horrible news to sell.

John Lennon’s wish comes true and we all live as one.

I’m not Naïve

Dare to dream may be the words hurled at the screen as this post is read. Oh, believe me, I know. Man does seem to have a pre-destined fate. Think about it long enough and the despair could easily consume. I’ve stared at the abyss many times and it has nearly taken me.

When There Is Love

But when there is love…

Should we be successful in destroying each other, I can take solace in knowing I have been blessed. My words are read by some rather amazing people. Amazing people who do amazing things! Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine (film makers creating the best sorts of films – those of hope and kindness), Ira Cooper (teacher), Bianca Marais (author), Kristin Rule (cellist)… just to name a few. These amazing humans spread love, kindness and hope.

I realize as the symphony of my life carries on movement after movement, I can rest easy and smile despite it all. I have witnessed the best of humanity and I am so incredibly grateful that this has the ability to counter the worst of humanity. This gives me hope and as you read these words and find yourself blinking, think of the love you have seen and the love you can share. Please share it.

Blink ~~ Love ~~ To quote from John again… “All you need is love.”

Thank you so kindly and sincerely for reading. Thank you also to all subscribers both old and new. Your presence is truly welcome. I would love to know what you think of this post. I realize it is long overdue.

Thank you again and many blessings.

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