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The Dance, Courtship and Chapel

Dear friends,

I pray you are enjoying all the beauty, comfort and stillness of the autumn. Conversely, if you happen to reside in the southern hemisphere, I pray you are invigorated by the return of spring with life exploding all around you.

As mentioned in my previous post, all of October I will feature a series of posts centered around the northern hemisphere’s autumn and the holiday representing the month of October, All Hallow’s Eve. The month of October is beginning to fade and I have much to share. Should anyone wish to submit a guest post related to anything autumnal, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, etc., please do send them along to webmaster (@) bennysplace (dot) com and I will be very happy to post them.

For you today, I have some exquisite prose extremely well written by a good friend many years ago for you to feast upon. Enjoy!

raven_inlineEntries by Rick Sanchez

The Dance

The peel of nervous laughter lurks behind the sinister shadows upon the wall. A lone spider weaves his web of deception and fear as worms ravage the brain matter of a battered jack-o’-lantern. Only the souls of the long departed offer a reprise from the wariness of the dark. They will consume the evil that pervades the crisp night air and hold it close to their collective chests. The Vampire and the Witch will dance a conjugal dance and disappear into the night. Only then will it be certain that Halloween has come and gone.

The Courtship

The white lace curtain fluttered as the warm breeze entered then exited as if to mimic the pendulum of a clock approaching the magic hour of midnight. Her heartbeat was strong. Her blood pulsing in rhythm with the sound of his mind, helpless to resist his allure. Family members had been worried. “She’s so pale” they mumbled. “She doesn’t want to eat” they pined. “She sleeps all day long ” another observed. The only voice that she heard belonged to him. Deep and sensual, he whispered her name softly “Come to me ma petite”. She gathered up all her strength and stared longingly out the window. “I need your touch my love, I’ll be here at your disposal.” Without warning a figure appeared. His face a paste-like gray color, teeth not unlike a rodent with pointy ears, no hair and vacant black eyes. “My lover” she offered up to him her smooth silk skinned neck with glee. His teeth pierced her sharp as spears. Blood trickled down to her breast. He stopped drinking only a second before her heart stopped beating. He licked his wicked thin lips then left as quickly as he had arrived. She fell back into her bed. Dreams of handsome lovers consumed her brain now anxious with thoughts of their next encounter.

The Chapel

The sky was so black it had a dark blue hue, not unlike the feathers of a raven. Distant stars shone like the whites of a dark-eyed serpent, penetrating and poignant. Several votive candles flickered clinging to life and shining light upon the baby statue’s face. She knelt silently whispering “Holy Mary” as she clutched the beads of her rosary. Every Hallow’s Eve for the last three years she made her pilgrimage to the outdoor chapel. It had been three years since the love of her life disappeared. Gone to pray in the same chapel, she felt a cold presence on the nape of her neck as she continued on. “Mother of God.” The cold became more intense. “Pray for us sinners.” A jolt ran through her spine. “Now and at the hour.” The vampire drank until full. “Of our death.” He covered his eyes as he yanked the rosary from her hand and dragged her drained body from sight. The votive candles emitted a small puff of smoke and the baby-faced statue was alone in the shadows until next year. “Amen.”

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