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Thoughts of Thanksgiving 2016

Hyper ConsumerismSet Sail for Paradise

We can leave in the morning? Where?

Paradise. We’ll leave in the morning.

Arrival. The landing was anticlimactic in some ways. It is beautiful though. I will say that. So, what do I do and how long can I stay here?

Do? You do whatever you want – well, within reason I suppose and you can stay until your journey ends.

I feel guilty though.

For what? Can’t you see that all this (gestures with arms) is all as it should be? This, my friend is what we have been searching for, what we have been longing for and represents the natural progression of humans as a species.

It is nice.

Of course it is. It is designed to be that way. Don’t worry. All will be fine.

But, what about them? (Motioning toward the originals)

Oh… them. Yeah, well, don’t think about it.

And them? (Motioning toward those that are not originals but those with much less)

Oh, yes, well. Them. They should count themselves lucky just to be here.

I see. This isn’t real is it?

Real? What’s real?

I don’t know but somehow this doesn’t feel real.

It is as real as you want it to be. I will leave you alone.

I am left with my own thoughts and I must process them without assistance. How long should I stay here? Am I even truly allowed? I have but there are those that don’t. I have but it seems it was done at the expense of the originals. Perhaps I should go for a walk. Yes. With each step, the constructs become smaller, the lights dimmer and the noise quieter. Night approaches and I can almost make out some stars. I continue on. This land was once filled with crystal springs fed by the mountains towering in the distance. I stop, sit by the last remaining spring and I think back to the day we left in the morning to set sail for paradise.

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