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boh_coverfinalI am terrified by all the things happening in this world I cannot control such as the North Korea conflict, oil and gas companies hell bent on destroying our planet while trying to earn as much money as possible (Don’t they realize that the money they make will be worthless once there is nothing around to spend it on?), the continued Afghanistan conflict, the aftermath of the Iraqi war, the economy, politicians not focusing on what is truly important, the worrying weather trends, violent crime, apathy, ignorance and the list goes on.

I sometimes find myself turning apathetic as well but something usually snaps me out of it and right now, that something is my beautiful son. I am still blessed by the fact that for now, he actually listens to me. He is only seven and I realize I am smack dab in the middle of a window where I am most everything to him and what I say actually means something. This will change I am sure – perhaps not completely, but it will change and that is fine as well. For now though, I will enjoy these moments I have with him for they are a true blessing and what will ultimately make up the best days of my life. Today, he has listened to me by not playing his video games and finding other more productive things to do. I bought a small CD player for him for Christmas a couple years ago and over time we have created several mixed CD’s for him. I am grateful he has never wanted to listen to ‘kid’ music. Instead, he listens to Ozzie Osborne, Arcade Fire, The Cure, The Smiths, The Ramones, Green Day, Supertramp and his favorite — Band of Horses. He will play ‘Is There a Ghost’ over and over and listening to him belt out the lyrics at the top of his lungs makes me smile from the inside. He will typically alternate between this song and ‘Crazy Train’ and his enthusiastic appreciation of these songs in the form of dancing, jumping and singing is so inspiring.

I have mentioned before that I never thought I would be a parent. I always thought I was too selfish and had absolutely nothing to offer to a child. I think so far I am doing okay and that is a good feeling. My son is kind, thoughtful, observant, empathetic and in tune with all that is around him. He asks amazing questions and I never tire of answering them. He loves all that is beautiful and to me he is like an incredibly bright light in a word with so much dark.

Thank you kindly for reading. I look forward to your comments. Until next time, take care.

A very special thank you to Band of Horses for creating such an amazing song and album that my son absolutely loves.

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