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Mysterious Equations of Love

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So much isn’t it?

So much.

If you spend any time at all in front of a computer or a television you will be (intentionally) subject to all the horrors the world has to offer. The headlines are there to grab you, suck you in and play on your emotions. To what end? The simple, cynical response would be there is money in it. Of course that is true but maybe there is just a little bit more.

Pick a headline – any one of them – your choice

Breaking NewsHow do you feel? Scared? Angry? Happy? Relieved? Excited? Now what?

I am guessing deep within you there is a subconscious longing for the answer to just that. Now what? We are inquisitive little beings aren’t we? Intentional or not, we are all seekers and there are many entities out there all too happy, chomping at the bit and ready to provide you with all you seek.

While something may grab our attention, there does seem to be very little out there in the form of a call to action. It is one thing to watch the devastation of a fire in a southern state on television, shaking one’s head saying how awful and then carry on. It is quite another to be there, in the midst of it all dealing with loss of loved ones, loss of property and loss of self.

What about a Midwestern state’s native people’s quest to stop the oil industry from putting in yet another pipeline? This one probably has not garnered all the attention it may deserve. I mean, what’s another pipeline at the end of the day? They make precautions to ensure the whole thing will be safe and won’t affect the water these indigenous people are so fervently attempting to protect don’t they? … DON’T THEY?

Then there is the whole bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef thing. Once again, for many, this is something happening half a world away. There will be the inevitable cries of how horrible it is or what a shame or look at what humans are doing to the world. But then, well, how much do we really care?

That’s the thing right there isn’t it?

How much do we really, truly care?

Environmental, political, human rights and sociological issues in general become a temporary talking point and dramatic fodder for a news program. It would take someone truly extraordinary to be able to absorb everything and respond accordingly. As such, it can all be more than a little overwhelming and that allows us to get back to the question of how much do we care? I would like to hope and pray that we all care quite a lot. Why else would we bother ourselves with taking in so much information via all the various media outlets? Beyond the talk and beyond the rhetoric lays something magnificently hidden and that is an opportunity to discover the most wonderful part of ourselves. This part of us so genuine, so true and so real that, if tapped into, could allow us all to accomplish such amazing, astonishing, glorious things.

To quote one of my favorite movies:

It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.

Love Can Change the World

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Equations of Love

  1. Libby

    Ben – I just love the quote at the end to tie it all together. It is so very true that the only logical thing in this world is love yet it’s often the thing that is questioned the most. If we could all just follow our hearts a little bit more…wow – what would that look like.

  2. Benny Post author

    I often envision just that… what the world would look like if we all followed our hearts more and allowed for love to rule the way we interact with one another. So much is happening in our world right now and I think we, as a collective whole may be realizing that we all need to do something for the greater good. 🙂

    Thank you Libby so much for your inspiration and your kind words.

  3. Eve

    Benjy – a wonderful blog…. one of your best, I think. The temptation is to think “I am only one little person and I can’t make any difference” and then to let it go – but if enough of us do that, anything can happen. That’s how the world’s dictatorships get started, that’s how wars begin, that’s how governments are toppled. It’s difficult to realize that as one person, we can make a difference, that we do matter – but it takes some effort … and it’s easier by far to switch on the television, or to fool around with an I-Phone …. but …. that is how civilizations fall.

  4. Benny Post author

    Hi Eve,

    Thank you so kindly! 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words. When working together, we all can make a difference.

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