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Munching on Paper

drew_with_paper_fullAs it is the day traditionally associated with sharing things from one’s past, I thought I would share this. For a while, I tried to create articles written from my young son’s perspective. When I wrote this particular piece, he would have been just over ten months old. I thought you all might enjoy this — particularly those with children. For me, I am definitely feeling sentimental — so much so, I went downstairs and gave my now 8 1/2 year old a big hug and told him I loved him. He was not quite sure what to make of it but it made him smile. Love that smile of his!

Saturday, 16 September 2006

From Andrew’s Hand (what I would write if only I could…)

Someone quick! Congratulate me! No wait, the mommy and daddy are doing enough of that already. What’s all the fuss about you may ask? Well, I finally figured it out. I learned how to crawl! Yep, that’s right. It’s true! Actually, truth be told, I figured it out a couple weeks ago. I would tease the mommy and daddy by crawling a little ways and then do the whole scooting routine. I have been scooting across the floors for a few weeks now. So today is the day I will officially get myself from point A to point B by crawling. In the words of the mommy and daddy: “Yayyyyy!”

So, yes, today is a very exciting day for me. I already got lots of attention but now I am sure to get even more. A baby can NEVER get enough attention. 🙂 So, what else do I have to report? Oh yeah, I think I have decided what I want to be when I grow up. Already at the tender age of nine months, I believe I want to be a magazine editor or freelance writer or perhaps even have my own magazine. I am absolutely fascinated by paper and all the words and pictures that decorate it. The best thing the mommy and daddy can do is sit me down with a magazine. I love it. I love the sound it makes when I crumple it up.

The paper even tastes good. I tend to rip the magazine into smaller pieces and when I do I of course have to put it in my mouth. Yum! The daddy gets annoyed when I do this. He keeps telling me to spit it out but I don’t want to. The daddy puts his finger in my mouth to get it but I move it to the back of the mouth because I LIKE eating it. Does he not understand? I will bite down on his finger a little bit and cry just to let him know that I don’t like it when he takes the paper out of my mouth. The daddy always wins. That’s okay, soon I will have another piece in my mouth and the whole struggle will begin again.

I am also getting more vocal and I love how loud I can get. I discovered this new thing where I shout real loud and grunt at the same time. It is pretty cool. My face turns red and everything. The mommy and daddy don’t quite know what to think of it but hey, I like it. That’s all that counts right?

Well, I am getting what the mommy and daddy call fussy so I best get some food in me and think about resting. It’s exhausting being a baby. Thank you for reading and remember, I love Elmo. I don’t think the mommy and daddy will be able to get the TMX Elmo but that’s okay. I will be happy with anything.

Take care everyone!

3 thoughts on “Munching on Paper

  1. Jeff

    Ben, that’s great! I think this is a perfect entry. You have a knack for writing about the important things, the truly important things in life. To me, it screams of a Zen in the heart of the American family style writing. I had a small tear reading this. Keep writing and posting. Great work comrade.

  2. Benny Post author

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you kindly my friend. I really appreciate you a lot. 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words…. they are appreciated.

    “Zen in the heart of the American family style writing” — I love that. 🙂

    Blessings to you and yours,

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