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There is a simplicity contained within this three syllable word that tends to avoid the modern man. Give us these gifts for which we are truly grateful. Does this evoke sentimentality of words spoken at the dinner table, in the midst of likeminded souls reaching out to a higher power to give – gratitude? Detection of this and other elusive virtues could be a worthy endeavor.

Homeless_ManWhat of the writer of these words you read now? Gratitude is something I contemplate daily. The recent plummeting mercury to single digit and even below zero temperatures coupled with bitter, debilitating winds cultivates an outside inhospitable and not fit for any man of the modern world. This has recently made up a large portion of my contemplation when each morning I wake and I find myself blessed to have not only a solid roof over my head, hot air forced through ducts in every room ensuring comfort but also running hot water to further add to that said level of comfort. I attempt to imagine what I have through the eyes of a homeless person. In my mind, I live in a typical suburban, cookie cutter home contained within a typical, run of the mill housing development. From the perspective of a homeless person, I live in a palace within Eden. My conveniences which can be so easily taken for granted are the epitome of luxury for someone on the streets.

I paraphrase but some wise person somewhere remarked man should be judged by the lowest within society.

Interlude: I wanted to find the origin of these words and it seems many people said these words or something similar but I believe these words by Gandhi represent what I was trying to convey:

“The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.”

We have entered a new dawn where it has become extremely simple to focus on the self and neglect the ideal of community. Giving of one’s self is seemingly not as ‘necessary’ as it once was. In times past, unless a group of people came together as a whole, all individuals would suffer. This brave new world of ‘me first’ has allowed us en masse to migrate away from this philosophy without the slightest consideration of turning back.

We are mid-way through the month of November and for the United States and possibly other places, this is the month of Thanksgiving. An entire day has been set aside for the sole purpose of expressing gratitude. During this month of thanks giving, my posts will focus on gratitude, blessings, compassion and of course food as this is the month where we also give thanks for bountiful harvests.

I thank you kindly for reading and welcome your comments and thoughts.

I am grateful to all of you, my readers for indulging this man’s whimsy of storytelling.

Blessings to all,

Homeless man image taken by Matthew Woitunski courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

How can you help others in need? The rescue missions in your city are a great place to start.

Here is a resource should you be interested in traveling that path:

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