Reverie at Bennys Place

Could You Find Me?

featured_inlineStanding within the web trying to do my very best to make it through I manage to get to those that have become caught. In another world, in another time, you would have been free. I am a stranger in this world but who says I am not free? I could be in heaven. It is then I realize that the person caught is me and he who I thought was caught up is actually moving about freely outside the web.

I am venturing and it is you that has found me. Silence. Look at your web he gestures. There is the edge just ahead. Move toward it. I do so with excitement and trepidation until I find myself looking out toward nothingness. There you go. Your freedom is ahead. Just Leap. I step back. The laughter that follows is so thunderous it shakes the entire web. Here, let me help you. No. Wait. Wait for what? he teases. Let me lay down and contemplate this for a moment.

My web is my world and the strands are all the paths I have traveled. I see areas in the center where there are cracks. Those were attempts to perhaps break free but free of what? I tip toe to the edge once again. I could push open the proverbial door. The silence. Another world awaits. He is standing beside me. You are so far away from where you need to be. Are you in heaven? I may be but who is to say if I am even real. I cannot tell for sure. Laughter.

In another time and in another place I may have been free. I am a stranger in this world. I remember asking once in the uneasy silence if you could find me. If you would lead me to the far side of the ocean. Your arms were behind you so how could I lead you? There you go standing with that look of sorrow. You point the finger at me. There you go standing in the silence.

Take good care. Light. One red shoe moves forward, the cold hand pushes the door open. I am trying to do my very best to come on through. Could you find me?

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