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Can You Touch Godzillas?

I picked up this postcard at the truckstop where we had breakfast. I would love to find this location one day. Beautiful isn't it?

I realize a lot of time has passed since I have last written. I have actually created several drafts of various topics but somehow I tend to always get the impression that what I write is trite and unappealing. I am my own worst critic and I think I need to get more into the habit of just writing something and let the quality evolve over time.

I am not sure how many people read this blog. I know my friend from Australia checks in along with Jared from New Zealand and a friend from Oklahoma. Does anyone else check in to see if I have updated? If so, I would love to hear from you. To my regular audience, hi there and I hope all is well. Before I had the chance to publish this article, a good friend of mine Jared from Arizona is also reading. Nice one!

I last spoke of my trepidation when it came to raising my son. I do have a follow-up for that entry but that continuation will come later. This entry actually relates to the topic and I hope you all enjoy it.

On Sunday, the 13th of June I decided to take my son on a bit of a road trip. Because my wife has to work on Sundays, it is just he and I together. I am very conscious of how much work I am doing these days and I thought it would be great if not absolutely necessary to hit the road with some one on one time with my son. I had rather ambitious plans to travel to the Comanche Grasslands. MapQuest said it was only 4 ½ hours away and I thought I could make the round trip, no problem. We set out at 9:00, so thought we would get home around 6:00 or 7:00.

Rolling Farm Land on a Rainy Day (Taken with Olympus E-3 and 50-200 lens). Post processing via Lightroom.

It was a rainy day with low hanging clouds. The rain was not too heavy and actually created a wonderful ambiance while driving. My son who is obsessed with numbers was preoccupied by the number of which track was playing. I travel with an iPod and each track is displayed on the screen. We traveled Highway 86 through Franktown and Elizabeth. Just outside Elizabeth, I noticed the sun was trying to burn away the clouds and this resulted in a unique blend of beautiful colors and warm light on the fields. I got out to try and capture this and the image on the right is the result. My son who is ever so patient sat in the truck while allowing me to get out and take photos. We had not eaten breakfast yet so I resolved not to stop again until I found somewhere to eat.

Leaving Highway 86 and entering I-70 I was hoping I would find somewhere to eat before getting on 287 South and as luck would have it, there was a Flying J near the exit for 287. I love these truck stops. The food in the café is always great and they have unique gifts in the shop. I enjoyed some heavenly maple cured bacon while Drew was in heaven with strawberry and banana pancakes topped with some whipped cream. After, we looked around the shop and I found a couple toys to help occupy the time needed for the trip ahead.

Highway 287 led us into the beautiful flat country of Southern Colorado. Every mile that was clocked meant we were further away from the business of the cities and becoming immersed in the rural communities. We drove through several towns not stopping but finally near Springfield, I had a decision to make. It was near 3:00 and we were still an hour away from the Grasslands. In the end, I thought it best to head towards I-25 and saw on the map that Highway 160 just south of Springfield would take me there.

I have to say that this road is one of the most beautiful I have ever travelled. Despite not actually making it to the grasslands, the vistas afforded me on this road more than compensated. Shortly after entering Highway 160, I noticed a dirt road that led into some farmland. In the distance dark rain clouds were interweaving with the sunlight and with this soft light touching the wheat, I thought this would be my best photo opportunity of the day. This time Drew came with me and he went running through the wheat fields while I tried to capture the beauty around me with my camera. At the end of this entry will be some of the photos from this wonderful diversion.

Ever conscious of the time, we set out again and headed straight into the storm that I saw brewing in the distance. I do wish I had got out and captured what was before me. The clouds were amazing and I was all alone on this road. I could have got out and stood in the middle of the highway and got some amazing shots. Maybe another time.

Highway 160 was a long but wonderful drive and as I drove I realized that the time I had right then and there could not have been more perfect. The whole trip was replaying in my head and I could not help but smile. Swallows coming within inches of my truck gobbling up all the moths that were out, the rain and most importantly the time with my son all replayed in a moment of present and recent past.

Just outside of Trinidad where I stopped for gas and prepared to get on I-25 to take me home, my son began his “can I touch this” questions. I love it when he asks me what he can and cannot touch. It is his way of determining what is safe and what is not. Ladybugs, ants, bees and dinosaurs are usually his favorite things to ask about. This time, he asked if he could touch Godzillas. I could not help but laugh and simply answered, if he is a nice Godzilla, then yes.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Touch Godzillas?

  1. Benny Post author

    Hi there Jo,

    Why thank you! I think I may need to increase the EV stop a notch or two on these photographs. They are a bit dark.

    Glad you love that photo of the seed head though. These seed heads are everywhere. I wonder what they were before?

  2. Benny Post author

    Hey there Jared,

    Why thank you Grasshopper. :)

    I will be sending you a separate e-mail in a bit.

    All the best my friend,

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